About Mrs flash365

Well I imagine most of you got here because of the original flash365 project of Calum Kerr, yes?  Certainly at that start I’m expecting that’s the case, not least of all as I’m doing this because of Calum’s year of flash365.  So, I too, plan to write a story every day for a year.  But why?

Calum is my fiancé – husband by about day 64 – so I have seen him go through this last year.  Sometimes it has seemed really hard work, other times the words flowed.  One thing that has happened though is Calum has developed into a fabulous, respected, confident writer and I’d quite like to be one of those too.  He started off pretty good already, don’t get me wrong, just now he can write immediately, on any given topic, and what he produces is always very polished for a first draft.

I’ve been writing for a long time too, just with quite a few years missed out of the middle bit for life to happen.  I took a year out for an MA in Creative & Critical Writing at Winchester, but once I was back in real life, my writing dried up again.  Then I met Calum Kerr.

He’s inspired me so much this last year, and whilst sat in a cafe with my ex-boss recently, I said something about doing a story a day for a year too.  Then I told Calum.  I figured once I’d told people and thought it might be a good idea, I couldn’t back out.  As we’re getting married soon, and I have a teenage child and a full-time job, I might sometimes have to write stories a little in advance, but I will have a new flash-fiction here every day.

The stories are also first draft, so I’m sure errors will creep in from time to time.  If you spot any, please let me know, and if you don’t spot any, someone probably just told me about them, before you got here.  I aim to try monthly prompt themes like Calum did, so it would be brilliant to have ideas from you and I’ll put a call out on Facebook.

Please do feel free to leave comments, here or on Facebook, follow this blog, like the Facebook page or email via Facebook. Hearing from you is really important to me.

So that’s it for starters.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. Good luck Kath - you're starting out 'pretty good already' too, so we'll be expecting great things. A prompt? Well how about a month of jobs? A nurse, a teacher, an undertaker, a banker (yes, that was a 'b' there), a magician, a mariner (ancient or otherwise), or even a domestic engineer.

  2. Thanks Angi. That's a good idea! Maybe mariner - ancient AND mariner - other!! x